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Alexandra Miller

Pop // Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Alexandra Miller's captivating voice transcends boundaries, whisking listeners away from the blandness of everyday life. She effortlessly balances sensuality with ethereal tones, all while maintaining an unwavering sincerity and emotional depth in her singing. Her live performances blend pop r’n’b vibes that reminds us of the 90s but in an intimate way, merging ethereal whispering and acrobatic emotional vocals.

Alexandra’s story begins with her French-Spanish mother and her Irish father. She remembers her first musical influences, beginning with her Irish grandfather, who was an avid opera fan and loved subjecting his guests to extremely high decibel renderings of his favourite pieces which were, de facto, forcefully assimilated within their very DNA.

She joined the Nice opera (children’s section) at the age of nine, acquiring a rigourous classical training for almost ten years. Her talent garnered widespread recognition when she auditioned for the Irish iteration of "The Voice" and mesmerized the judges with her rendition of Adele's "Skyfall," prompting all four chairs to turn in admiration.

She has graced countless stages across France and beyond, enchanting audiences in iconic cities such as London, New York, and Berlin, and even extending her reach to the shores of the Caribbean. Sharing the bill with legends like Rod Stewart and Gladys Knight, and participating in renowned festivals along the Côte d'Azur such as Jazz à Juan, Nice Jazz Festival, and Nuits Guitare, Alexandra consistently delivers performances that leave her audience spellbound.

She taught herself guitar, polished her image, vision and goals, refined her artistic personality, worked to perfect her compositions. She has selected a number of them for her 1st solo EP called “Sweetest Morning” which is out now since June 30th and is currently working on her future album which will be out later this year.