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Garage // Galway, Galway // They/Them

Adore are a 3-piece garage punk band hailing from Galway, Donegal and Dublin.
Their music combines themes from surf, disco and pop which blends with their punk sensibilities, firmly grounded by crunchy guitar and a powerful drum and bass combo.
Their debut single ‘Postcards’ was released in June 2023. Since then they have been gigging relentlessly. Throughout 2023, They played ‘The Word Stage’ at Electric Picnic, supported bands such as The Scratch and did a handful of headline gigs. To kick off 2024, they played the mainstage of ‘Whelan's Ones To Watch’ which has opened many more doors for the band for the rest of 2024.

"‘Postcards’ snaps with some early Britpop energy, and a memorable vocal chorus lead by singer Lara Minchin.” - Niall Byrne (Nialler 9)

“Debut single ‘Postcards’, an experimental take inspired by the likes of Breeders and Sleeper, is followed by this month’s new release ‘Stay Free’.” - James Hendicott (NME)

“Only formed in 2022, there's already an almighty buzz about Adore with London gigs and an appearance at Electric Picnic already under their belts. So far it's been all about the gigs.” - Richard Blows (Blowtorch Records)

“At Whelan’s Ones To Watch, I really enjoyed Adore in particular who we started tonight's show with” - John Barker (Tilt/Totally Irish, 98FM)

“Casting themselves into a femme-rage realm through confident lyrics like ‘If you saw me, you’d love me too’, ‘Postcards’ is an unconventional love or lust letter to a distant someone with the postcard metaphor showing their utmost care for this person and how they’re a treasured keepsake.” - Alicia Tomkinson (So Young Magazine)

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25th April 2024 20:00 Supporting Sprints More details
26th April 2024 20:00 Supporting Sprints More details