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Electronica // Dublin, Dublin // he/him

zéo is a queer independent artist, born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently based in Dublin, Ireland. zéo has created his own unique kind of electronic music by blending a plurality of styles and sounds.

inspiration to zéo comes from music that makes him dance, like techno and house, latin and brazilian rhythms and loads of percussion. zéo resonates innovation by exploring sounds and the different facets of his surroundings and feelings.

zéo is also a graphic designer and dancer. his creative mind brings a singular sense of aesthetics, allowing the synesthesia between his music and visuals.

his first single, “labor,” was released in early 2019. zéo is now working on his upcoming album "making sounds for fun".

"making sounds for fun" is zéo’s debut album, produced during the lockdown. a mix of genres and languages merge into zéo’s own style, creating very distinct tracks that flow naturally with each other.

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