Yearning Curve

Cork, County Cork

“A machine vast, complicated, with a multitude of far-reaching arms...carrying out mysterious and long-drawn processes of shaping and moulding...”
- Patrick Pearse, The Murder Machine, 1914

Title track uses lines from Pearses book, samples from the bankers tapes from last year, Vincent Browne in full flight and Bertie Ahern on the steps of Dail Eireann, mixed with layered harmonies and percussive guitar. We use a loop station to create the song live and have visuals for this and many of the songs on the album.

-- “An interesting and unusual song...they’ve used snippets of the text from Pádraig Pearse’s 1914 essay ‘The Murder Machine’... [and] also includes modern-day sound-bites, painting a sound-picture of an Ireland swathed in corruption, still offering up its young to an indifferent imperial ruling class a hundred years after Pearse’s essay.” - David Nelligan, Hundred Years Late, 24/4/14

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New album, 'Guerrilla' out now on bandcamp:


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