Belfast, County Antrim

Wookalily are quirky, in a good way. Folk-gothic troubadour tales, new-time mountain music, glorious melodic hooks and a drum kit which guarantees purists cover their ears. Five women (Adele, Sharon, Lyndsay, Lou and Clair): too girly to be a beat group, too funky to be a folk group, too good to miss.

Wookalily released their debut EP Black Magic Doll in 2011. Their song ‘Diamonds And Gold’ gained them a showcase at the prestigious IBMA World of Bluegrass Festival in Nashville in 2012. They also recorded for Country Music Hall-Of-Famer Dixie Hall’s Pickin’ Like A Girl compilation in 2013 – the only non-American band to do so. Their own debut album All The Waiting While was released in November 2014. It’s rumbling along nicely with local airplay and humbling acclaim from fellow musicians worldwide. Wookalily are a cult, but they’d like to be popular!

Lyndsay Crothers is a vocalist combining Sandy Denny soul and Janis Joplin power; Adele Ingram’s songs are redolent of Arlo Guthrie and Chris Smither in their gentle melange of whimsy, and melodies which linger in the mind; Sharon Morgan plays lead guitar, banjo, bass and is responsible for designing and painting the cover of the bands debut album – now the visual embodiment of all things Wookalily. Cardiff Lou Potter keeps the beat time after time with her John Bonham meets Animal from The Muppets handy work on drums. Last but not least Clair McGreevy hammers out her trad laced Irish wiles on lead guitar, fiddle, flute, concertina, bouzouki and mandolin. All 5 of these women together create an almighty force. May the Wook be with you!

“Ireland has a wonderful musical heritage thanks to the passing on of skills from generation to generation, father to son and mother to daughter. Add a series of outside influences some great songwriting and you have Wookalily. The all female band, four Irish and one Welsh, make a glorious noise guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step”
– Midge Ure OBE, Thin Lizzy, Ultravox & Band Aid, 18th January 2016

“One of the most exciting new arrivals on the bluegrass scene – Ireland’s answer to The Be Good Tanyas”
– Mike Davies, Folking.com, 25th November 2014

“These four young women could (should!) turn out to be the roots music find of the decade. Their playing and arrangements almost defy superlatives.”
– Mike Morrison, Americana Roots UK, 14th December 2014

More quotes: https://wookalily.wordpress.com/press/

Notable performances

BBC4 documentary series to be aired June 2016
The World of Bluegrass Week, Nashville
Nell's Jazz & Blues Bar, London
The annual Appalachian & Bluegrass Music Festival, Omagh
The Open House Festival/Chillifest Main stage, Belfast
Sunflower Festival, Hillsborough
Stendhal Festival, Limivady
Dunfanaghy Jazz and Blues Festival, Donegal
Limavady Jazz and Blues Festival
Greystones Americana and Roots Festival, Dublin
Dalriada Festival, Glenarm Castle
Stripes and Stars Americana Festival, Derry
The Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, Belfast
The Ards International Guitar Festival, Newtownards
The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast
The Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival
Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival
Blues On The Bay, Warrenpoint
Get Down With The Blues, Downpatrick

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