Belfast, County Antrim

Five women, ten instruments; Wookalily weave a sonic world full of wonder, mystery and mayhem, creating a cinematic soundtrack that’s otherworldly. They will keep you awed and bemused with their folk-noir troubadour tales, low bowing double bass, four part harmonies, piano, banjo, psychedelic flutes, drunk trumpet and more.

Wookalily’s upcoming second album, entitled Everything is Normal... Except the Little Things Inside My Head was recorded on glorious analogue equipment by award-winning producer Julie McLarnon​, Lankum (Rough Trade, 2017)​, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan (Domino Records, 2017​). It is a grown-up, monochrome, gently melancholy successor to 2015’s technicolour and tiggerishly playful All The Waiting While​ – a debut album that generated a wave of gigs around UK, Ireland and further afield. They've had widespread media appearances, including a BBC4 documentary series featuring Midge Ure and Rhod Gilbert and have opened for Martha Wainwright, Bap Kennedy and more. These ladies have honed their trade into something classic, timeless and organically superb.

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