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There is a video for the new song, 'Your suffering has been noted'. Christmasy it is not, though WolloW-ey it is. You can listen to it here on that little button on your left. Nice.

For this new track WolloW is joined by Kilian O'Kelly from Silverbacks who adds some glorious, erratic, guitar bits . The video was the last work shot in the ruins of yet another artist's studios being claimed by Dublin's latest building boom. Still, we dance in the rubble.

There is a new E.P. called 'My own private Idunno' on Bandcamp and then Spotify this weekend. Video for the new track is bottom right.

WolloW is a solo project, a small room in Dublin. All sounds, lyrics, arrangements and videos began in this room. The last album was titled 'Hammer Head Horse', a phrase that came to me one day when I felt that my head did not really fit. Much of this album does not fit, the music varies from electro acoustic, to indie, new wave and even jazz. The style of music varies with mood but has a certain consistency. Its more like a trip, certain days create certain sounds or experiences.

People have visited the room. Track ten on H.H.H. ‘Other songs’ began as a piece by Ilex who kindly let me rearrange and add music/lyrics to some of her work and the final track ‘Come outside’ contains some fine live drumming by Gillian Lawler of ‘Bloodyends’. Both these artists can be found on Breaking Tunes. I put some of the more reflective songs on this page but you can listen to the whole album and all it's glorious moodiness on Bandcamp, there is a link on the left side of this page.

In The Wire magazine (No.415), Spencer Tomson says "Hammer Head Horse is inarguably outside in terms of its sound – the songs and arrangements here are strange, and strangely compelling, all curious angles and odd corners". He ends by calling it "a damn fine listen" .

Hammer Head Horse was voted 'Album of 2018' by Bad Music Rising.

WolloW has three releases so far, 'Memeur' 2013 and 'Hammer Head Horse' 2018, and 'My own private Idunno' in December 2019. The title track, 'Your suffering has been noted' features some glorious guitar duties by Killian O'Kelly from Silverbacks.

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