Window Seats

Belfast, County Antrim

Window Seats play alternative rock music. Whether the message is love, anger or both at once the songs remain intense and direct. This unsigned band (Jude McCaffrey, Eklliot Russell and Tony Furnell) has self-produced seven music videos, six single releases and an EP. They are are the first unsigned Northern Ireland act to be featured on MTV Networks.

The band’s fifth music video “Local Superhero” has featured on MTV Rocks, Kerrang! TV, QTV, Channel 4 and on BBC Big Screens in 22 cities across the UK. The video also received a nomination for Best Production Effects at the Irish Music Television Awards in December 2011.

Acclaimed debut EP “Frozen Bones” has received national radio play across the UK and Ireland. It is mixed and mastered by Neal Calderwood (General Fiasco, Fighting With Wire, Jody Has A Hitlist).

Latest music video “Stickle Bricks” was released on 28th November 2015. It was directed by Alan Stewart and produced by the band, with support from Arts Council Northern Ireland.

"A power pop ballad with just enough melancholy to tug the heartstrings while you’re punching the air."
Brendan McKeown // Daily Mirror – “Juliette's Letter” single

"A triumphant return to straight-up rock, ‘Local Superhero’ is a Foo Fighters-sized guitar anthem, only with an almighty Belfast drawl behind it. Its makers, Nordy trio Window Seats, are putting this mosh-friendly beauty on their upcoming Frozen Bones EP, so for the love of all things wild and noisy, don’t let it pass you by."
Celina Murphy // Hot Press – “Local Superhero” single

"Most awesome video ever!"
Rory McConnell // BBC Introducing – “Local Superhero” video

“ intriguingly hard-hitting combination of heavy guitar crunch and poppy jangle...”
David Roy // The Irish News – “Rat” single

“Window Seats have their eyes trained on your heartstrings with an emotionally naked pair of tracks. ‘Miss Midnight’ is the pick, a slow-burner featuring some lovely, atmospheric production, a strident vocal performance from Jude McCaffrey... There's nothing shy or knowing about this – it's heart-on-the-line indie-rock, and just about pulled off with aplomb.”
Chris Jones // AU Magazine – “Miss Midnight / Awake” single

“Window Seats, from Belfast, pack a wallop from the off. ‘No Show’ bursts from the traps and runs riot all over your hi-fi before going into stop-start mode driven by demented, rasping drums. It has the eccentric touches of Sparks too and is definitely not something you'd sing in the shower. ‘Movement’ is another slice of intense, passionate playing.”
Jackie Hayden // Hot Press Magazine – “No Show” single

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