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Art Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Following on from the conclusion of O Emperor and their critically lauded final album 'Jason', which won the Choice Music Prize 2018, front man Paul Savage embarked on new solo material which embraced a more low-fi aesthetic of bedroom recording.

The first fruits of this new venture was debut single 'Ooze', released April 2020 and continued with four track 'Whozyerman? EP' released in May of that year.

Whozyerman?’s debut album 'Blink' was released February 2022 and demonstrates the range of Savage’s musical influences, bringing to mind the colourful tripping grooves of Lemon Jelly or even some of Animal Collective’s more navel gazing moments.

Primarily using drum machine beats as a starting point, many joyful hours were spent tinkering and layering sounds over these patterns in order to construct such idiosyncratic grooves like ‘All The Time To Kill’ or 'Blurblob' which both jostle under droll lyrical deliveries akin to the style of Laurie Anderson.

In other moments of 'Blink', the sonic landscape widens to a vista of warm drones and fuzz laden guitars drawing influence from the krautrock of Yo la Tengo and Spaceman 3.

Evolving from the solo DIY approach, Savage has recently expanded the project out into a full band setup and has been writing new material to feature prominently in their first Irish shows in June of this year. This road testing of new material will form the basis of a follow up album that is scheduled to commence recording later this year.

Upcoming Gigs

7th June 2024 19:00 Dublin
14th June 2024 19:00 Waterford
15th June 2024 19:00 Cork

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