Limerick, County Limerick

Do you remember when you were young? Do you remember that very distinctive mixed and contradictory feeling of fearlessness and doubt, of possibility and uncertainty, of freedom and pressure, of determination and flippancy? Do you remember?

Well, these feelings are still fresh for whenyoung. They found that getting together and holing themselves up for months in a studio was the best way for them to make some sense of it all.

All those contradictions reveal themselves in their songs, where the music fizzes with youthful abandon and urgency while the lyrics tell quite a different story.

'See How They Run", the debut single by whenyoung, is a bold, brash and brilliant introduction to the band's catchy, hooky, alternative pop.

Emerging Bands:
‘a superb piece of social commentary sponged in a fuzzy template that can stand the speakers rattling”

Fame Magazine:
‘A relentlessly urgent and shiningly catchy alt-rock tune which transfers us instantly to youngish and conflicting (and still fresh) feelings’

Fighting Boredom:
“Short, fast and damn wonderful”

“they sound like your favourite garage-rock band that you'd forgotten you'd loved… Within two minutes they cram monochromatic shades of PJ Harvey, The Kills and Ladytron”

The Devil Has The Best Tuna:
“a confident, cocky blast of alt pop that showcases a band who know what they are and what they want to be”

The Indiependent:
“Whenyoung have certainly caught our attention, and stopped us dead in our tracks.”

The Revue:
“Like lightning in a bottle – the second you hit play the song bursts with a fiery, reckless energy akin to the garage pop-rock of the ’80s.”

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