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We The People

Alternative // Waterford, Waterford

We the People, A hard working 4 piece of Killer guitar riffs, Thumping Drum beats, Poignant and Raw vocals and A Driving bassline.
Behind the instruments are 4 pals from Waterford: Michael Doyle- Vocals, Mickey Power, Guitar, Dael O'Brien- Drums and Dara Sutton on Bass. Since there inception in March 2011 they have mustered up quite a following, with wicked live performances that are well remembered with striking stage antics of frontman Doyle. The band gels together extremely well, and it shows, there is something special when a band clicks on stage, and it makes for a musical eargasm too :-)

The indie style riffs from Power are met with the almost tribal slap of the drums(Deal), Team that up with the funky rhythm of the Bass (Sutton) plus the Raw and energetic vocals of Doyle, it makes for vicious combo. Encompassing many styles and influences, but the output can only be described as We the People...

"This relentless Alternative Rock quartet are defying the cookie cutter of modern indie rock, by serving some tasty Alternative licks.
We The People are four musicians overflowing with a passion for playing and writing music. Michael Doyle (Vocals), Mickey Power(Guitar), Dael O'Brien(Drums) and Dara Sutton (Bass), all friends and from the fair city of Waterford and surrounds. The band came together in a kind of re-animator fashion, with Doyle and Power wanting to form a band.They wrote A song, an acoustic number. They found Dael soon after ,on Facebook of all places and Dara was always in the same circle and showed tonnes of passion for music. So the foursome was set and the gods of rock had gave their blessing, unbeknownst to the lads, they had set the wheels moving for something greater.
Initially jamming and sharing their passions, they quickly found their sound. Think Joy Division meets The Doors lyrically, The Hives vs The Artic Monkeys meets Black Rebel Motorcycle club musically, quite a mash you would think, but ultimately they can only be described as, We The People.
In the few short months of the bands inception in Early 2011, They had written several songs . At this stage the band were practising in a derelict house near Powers house in Carrigeen,The house itself having a tragic history, since the previous tenant had committed suicide on the premises. This still didn't falter their determination to practice. Soon after this they got involved with Ciaran Doherty of The Beta Lounge, who offered the band a practise space in Waterford City.The guys were thrust into the epicentre of the music scene, shrouded by big brother types who looked after one another, a truly magical ,musical place where it didn't matter where you come from or what you had, all that mattered was the tunes. We The People had found a home..
Ruby Music had always been on the lookout for emerging talent, and We The People ticked all the boxes. The band quickly recorded some demos and scraped together enough cash between them to get two songs mastered. The travel for the studio time took the band all the way to Antrim, were the producer quickly got on board the We The People buzz and nailed the sound exactly as the band had hoped. approached the band with an offer to be one of the first bands ever to play for the Beta Lounge, an online music and arts show based in Waterford. They turned up on the day of the shoot and ripped it up, playing a scorching performance and leaving nothing in the hands of naysayers.
Whats next for this band?
Their songs and online profile has garnered lots of the right kind of attention and it seems this steam rolling solid mass of rock is making its way through the city and round the world. Destination? Thats up to the fans!
We the people leave it all on the stage when they play,and are quickly gathering momentum, being quoted as an intense live act. They bring an energy and zeal to a dankly stagnating and often predictable indie scene.
They play Murphys bar on the 11th February as part of the Black Box Soundout sessions III , and The Front Lounge on the 23rd February. Follow them on facebook and find all their endeavours and gigs, and also check out their buddies"

Style: Alternative/ Neo Punk

CONTACT/BOOKINGS/INFO: 00353(83 1349625) / 0831349625