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Alternative // CO. DERRY & BELFAST, Derry

"WeAreResistance, a multi-faceted funk-rock leviathan. Melding the brain befuddling intricacy of The Mars Volta to the psychedelic pranksterism of Frank Zappa, WAR produce a dynamic sound, one that entwines sleazy grooves with ear lacerating riffage."

Hotpress, 2009


"WeAreResistance (ex Mantic) sound like a montage of sketches by Bootsy Collins, Rage Against the Machine and Prince while on a rampant night out. Each song is a cavalcade of sound and celebration of circuitry, with vein pounding groove at its heart. Their live performances are full throttle dance-athons that no crowd is impervious to. Expect to be on your feet, punching the air along with everyone else."

The Big List Magazine, 2009


'On arriving at Glasgowbury I was immediately greeted by a wave of yellow WAR tee shirts and the occasional WAR flag. Few words can do the band justice.
They’re a funk rock machine that make music that wills you, nay, commands you to dance. At times they’re a mix of Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers, at others they’re dishing out riffs that are sexier than Barry White, Jenny Lewis, Zooey Deschanel and Prince combined. (That’s a whole, whole lot of sexy time.)...

The audience are swaying, dancing, just generally going mental to the music and it really is infectious. it’s so complex and god damn nuts that you simply have to take notice...

An experience, not just a band.'

LIVE REVIEW - Glasgowbury - Secret Fireworks Blog, July 2009


Well, let's see. Ummmmm. Nope, can't think of much more to say,
That pretty much sums up the enigma that is WAR... WeAreResistance.

With their debut EP titled, 'Public Service Announcement' out NOW, The genre hopping 6 piece will be most
certainly declaring WAR on the Irish music scene, and beyond!

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