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Water Cycle

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Started in late 2009, Water Cycle is the recording moniker of Dublin based musician Aaron Page. The debut album "The Company of Friends" was wrote by him over a two year period in a garden shed surrounded by all varieties of instruments and sounds. It was then recorded in a much finer room beside the sea in Salt Studios Dublin, where the name itself came from the many late night bicycle trips home from the studio along the coast. The album has been described as a mixture of atmospheric electric folk with influences such as Bon Iver, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens. The Company of Friends is now available for download on iTunes or at and Page has been been busy working on a follow up EP due for release early in 2013.

Press reviews of ‘The Company of Friends’
“It's a rare treat to come across something which is hitherto unknown, but so accomplished. I know nothing about this band, but now I want to” –
“The album has an emotional cohesion and sense of purpose that would shame many bigger budgeted, major label releases.” –
“A very accomplished debut from an unknown performer that is packed with raw flair and promise, blending ambition with earthy grounding and deserving further opportunities to expand” -
“Page never ceases to impress throughout this remarkable debut for all its baroque arrangements, engaging ideas and almost organic grandeur.”– Alan Jacques (Green & Live 95fm)
“A charming and effervescent collection of songs, burnished with enough musical flourishes and deviations to suggest a bright future” – Le Cool Magazine

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