County Dublin

Don't let looks deceive you, for a 2 piece band Vulpynes make a lot of noise.
Expect a fusion of heavy and melodic hooks, snarling vocals and a visceral rhythm section. 2 years on from their inception, Vulpynes have been tearing up venues and festivals with their fiery and relentless wall of sound. Hailed for their fiesty and motor driven live performances, Vulpynes have garnered a wide fanbase in both Ireland and abroad.

Their recent signing with UK label Headcheck Records and plans to tour the UK, Germany and beyond suggests 2018 will be their busiest year yet.

Vulpynes - the self titled EP available now from Headcheck Records (

‘One of the best and loudest live acts in the country’ - Hot Press Magazine

'Vulpynes are a Garage Punk duo that simply cannot be compared to any Riot Grrrl out there today. Maeve (vocals & guitar) & Kaz (Drums) create one of the most savage cacophonies of sound I’ve ever witnessed line. Kaz leaves no room for requirement of a bass player with her relentlessly tight drum rolls which crash under Maeve’s filthy yet soaringly beautiful vocals and grindingly angular guitar riffs’ - Grrrls with Guitars

‘A pair of absolutely delightful musicians, oozing professionalism and positivity’ - Loud Women, UK

‘Four tracks of savage guitar and drum intensity, strident vocals, and self-belief; on the evidence here, 2018 is theirs for the taking!’ - Louder Than War

‘They’ve come from almost nowhere but are heading somewhere at breakneck speed. This looks like the start of something big’ - Devolution Magazine

‘If you’ve been waiting a while for a new band that has that kinda….. you know that sort of ‘beautiful filth’ in their sound to come knockin’, Dublin duo Vulpynes have essentially just kicked your door in, stormed through your front room, smashed your TV, taken your best booze and left through the back door’ - The Punk Lounge

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