Vox Rising

Dublin, County Dublin

“Vox Rising are the freshest sounding artist that Dublin has produced in the last 20 years” - Bill Clinton.

Born from the ashes of a previous feeder band the core members of Vox Rising wanted to push music away from the “out of the box” rock brigade and the newbee “push a button on a key board” bands and produce sounds which get people moving on the dance floor and fill heads with catchy vocal hooks that have fingers tapping car roofs on the grubby morning commute. Having experienced the vibe of playing under various genres, guitarist Gareth Hughes and drummer Brain Stack wanted to put together something new that no other band in their home town was doing… Vox Rising

“Vox Rising are the freshest band to lift the roof off the disco in Dublin this year” – Ban Ki-moon

Having undergone several personal changes to find the right sound, Vox Rising finally completed the perfect band mix in March 2009 producing a progressive mix of dark disco, funk and rock. With influences ranging from Daft Punk to Roisin Murphy, VR combines the best part of an interactive stage show with the music to push forward genres and rock any disco house worth doing.

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