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Indie // Cork // She/Her

A wee mouse with a big voice, VOXmouse is Cork's singer-songwriter and oxymoron, Ró Barry.

Known for weaving strong vocals into anthemic bangers and haunting lullabies, with ethereal piano riffs and jaunty guitars, VOXmouse's sound transcends genres to capture what she needs to convey - whether that's the usual suspects of love and loss, or more poignant societal issues such as rape culture and women’s rights. She believes music plays an important role in how we can reach and touch people, to not only bring people together but ultimately challenge societal norms and inspire change through music activism.

Her debut release 'You Were Human' tackled how the justice system treats victims and survivors of sexual assault and rape, written about Chanel Miller, author of 'Know My Name'. With this song she hopes to raise awareness about rape culture and help those affected to find their own voice. 10% of all profits from the song go to the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland, and she has been invited to several schools and universities to speak on the topic, and shares the music video as part of a thought-provoking seminar about consent and sexual violence.

For her upcoming release on May 5th, 'Black Diamond', VOXmouse has collaborated with harpist Brídín who has reached international acclaim with her work.