Von Liz

Berlin, County Tipperary

Growing up in a bungalow in the Irish countryside, surrounded by fields and farms, Barry Lanigan aka Von Liz, would walk through herds of cattle or tightrope walk a busy narrow main road just to visit friends or the nearest town. The road connected Holycross, a tiny abbey village famous for possessing a splinter of Christ's execution post, and Thurles, a small midlands town once famous for hosting one of Europe's biggest rock festivals in the 1990's.

Having fronted Dublin City's innovative Liz is Evil (HWCH 2009/2010) for six years, Lanigan decided to up sticks to a 15m2 room in Berlin where he spent the bones of 18 months facing a blank wall with a small amp and a mic and filling the wall with A4 lists of songs and lyrics, and taking them to the stage around Europe.

Debut self-released ep is called 'The Stinking Bowels of Europe', a tongue-in-cheek title used to describe the two-sided coin of his native continent, although Lanigan still refers to Europeans as 'they'.

The tracks recount Joycean encounters with one-eyed strangers, political bewilderment, being financially flat broke, being bullied and being a bully.

EP number 2 'Fleck' is an edgier take on Catholic religion and all its beauty and evil, mental health, and dreaming.

With an album at the ready, and dozens of more demos in waiting, expect plenty of releases from Von Liz.

Contact Von Liz today for any lyrics, questions or offers.


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