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Villa in France

Rock // Portstewart, Derry

Villa In France, formally kicking off in December 2018, are a 3-Piece Indie-Rock band from the North Coast of Northern Ireland consisting of Aidan Davidson (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Nino Morelli (Lead Guitar, Backup vocals) and Matthew Gillan (Drums). Known for their punchy sound and high energy live performance. Gigging all around the North of Ireland, these four boys have solidified a position in their local music scene through hard work and rigorous trial and error.

At such a young age, Villa in France have been travelling around the country providing energetic performances to whoever would watch them. Villa in France are known for writing politically charged and personal lyrics from the honest perspective of a teenager. Influences include Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers and Cleopatrick.

Their debut single ‘1990’, released on 13th September 2019, pushed Villa in France into another high in their career, gaining over 16,000 streams on Spotify with their nationwide tour opening them to a growing audience. ‘1990’ is standard Indie Pop-Rock with some major Funk influence. This song was written by Davidson at age 16 after hearing his mother talk about how she and his father fell in love. This song proved to their audience that they could also be successful recording artists as well as touring musicians.

Their 2nd Single ‘Flowers’ then came out in December 2019, receiving praise for the refreshing emo sound, being listed as one of the best Northern Irish Tracks of the Year by Irish Music Blog Chordblossom the same month it was released. This song has since amassed over 18,000 streams on Spotify and is a fan favourite.

Villa in France's third single 'Man on a Bridge' (released March 2020) tackles the mature topic of male suicide rates in N.I. Ever since starting college in Derry in 2018 the boys have grown a second home in Derry and have noticed the impact drugs, poverty and history have had on the people of Derry, especially men. This single was to set them off on yet another nationwide tour but had unfortunately been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic, this song has amassed over 11,000 streams and was praised by the public for its mature songwriting content.

A remix of their debut single ‘1990’ by their friend Conor McSherry was released on music streaming platforms in May 2020, reimagining the single into a summer hit. The remix gained popularity through Spotify Playlisting and has been streamed over 53,000 times.

Their fourth single ‘Faux Feelings’ was released in August 2020 and gained 8,500 streams. It was praised for its mature theme of animal cruelty and the usage of animal pelts in fashion. This song would be the last song Villa in France would release in 2020.

Villa in France spent 2019 and 2020 releasing different tracks that would show off their versatility as musicians and recording artists and have since been focusing on refining their sound and finding their style as young musicians. The band is now focusing their time on recording and releasing their debut EP for an expected Autumn 2021 release.

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