Video Blue

County Louth

''One man armed with a guitar and a bunch of beats, he’s got a very fine handle on how to turn both parts of his musical personality into a bundle of captivating, occasionally giddy and always impressive leftfield pop gems.'' - Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

Video Blue is a project by Dundalk native Jim O'Donoghue Martin.
Embracing ambient electronica and guitar driven alt-pop; the music is a highly personal rolling document of his life.
All of the music is recorded in his east London bedroom.
2015 has seen the release of 2 EP's; 'More Pop Troubles' (released on cassette via US indie Wiener Records) and September's 'Simmer'.

Summer 2016 saw the release of the 'Disco Nap' single, which was released on 7'' vinyl and available in stores such as London's Rough Trade and Dublin's Tower Records.


''Video Blue's "Disco Nap" breezes in on some fun-loving arp twinkles before Jim's buttery, delicate and slightly melancholic vocal swoops in alongside lo-fi drum machine beats and beautifully picked guitar lines. The track's embellished with some lovely strings, overdriven chords and topped off with a damn fine arrangement to boot; capturing a late night, driving home through the rain kinda vibe that is both warm, captivating yet painfully introspective and impossible not to stir a wealth of emotions through its dynamic course. Really strong stuff''. - Piccadilly Records

'' altogether intriguing fusion of rock and electro-pop'' - Pure M
''Top Class alt- guitar pop'' - Wiener Records, Los Angeles

'' strangely sad and beautiful.. grungy alt-rock..a middle ground between the guitar-based music he's accustomed to making and ambient electronica... 'Talisman' is a moody beat-driven number with sombre vocals that hints at Radiohead's Kid A / Amnesiac era
'FILMIC's rhythm and jangly guitars make it feel like a low-fi modern take on a La's song. - Remy's Music & Film blog

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