Van Panther

Limerick City, County Limerick

Van Panther is an experimental pop and post-punk band based in Limerick City, Ireland. Based around the songwriting of Kieran Ralph, the group fuses the intricate elements of electronica with pop-orientated sensibilities, and the jarring headstrong nature of post-punk with the nostalgic groove of indie-rock (albeit with lots of other bits throw in). The concoction makes for a visceral live experience that swoons and screams, keeping everybody on their toes.

“There’s a rake of tracks on Ralph’s Soundcloud page, with the emphasis now on more lo-fi alt and indie pushes and scratchings.” - Jim Carroll, The Irish Times, co-founder of the Choice Music Prize.

“Maybe the most leftfield act on the bill, Van Panther is a trawl through Limerick singer-songwriter Kieran Ralph’s head – whimsical indie-pop with inventive electronics and arched-eyebrow lyrics.”
– Conor McCaffrey writing on Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival 2018 for Moo Kid.

"With each act imprinting its own singular identity with the backing of a supportive community operating completely in tandem... ....Van Panther are one such act, marrying technicolour pop immediacy with jagged post-punk revivalism".
- The Thin Air.

Media on Latest Single Release 'The Cutters':
"New single ‘The Cutters’ is as tight-knit and pristinely crafted without losing the warm, lo-fi charm of its predecessors, and is taken from forthcoming EP Overcast"
– Stevie Lennox, writing for The Thin Air.

"There’s an infectious quality to the groove, carried between the bass and drum parts. The vocals and guitars are delivered like so much of the NY indie music of the 2000s, the synths, whirling leads ensure the track has more than enough character..."
- Luke Sharkey, writing for Nialler9,

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