Van Panther

Limerick City, County Limerick

Van Panther is a band based in Limerick City, Ireland. Surrounding the whimsical musical antics of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Kieran Ralph, Van Panther takes aim at love, loss, lust and terrible nights out, in an attempt to somehow unify popular music.

“There’s a rake of tracks on Ralph’s Soundcloud page, with the emphasis now on more lo-fi alt and indie pushes and scratchings.” - Jim Carroll, Irish Times

“The musical antics of a 22 year-old who takes potshots at love, loss, lust and terrible nights out” - Eric Fitzgerald, Limerick Post

“Van Panther speed through a promising set of smashing pumpkins-esque rockers” - Kelly Doherty, The Thin Air

“Van Panther sent a track to play on the radio - it was so good Garageland played it almost every week. They already have an audience that adores them and they’ve blown the Garageland crew away.” - Derek Foley, The Daily Star

“The catchy hooks and vivid lyrics paint an image that perfectly relates to the feeling of being 20-something in Ireland 2017.”
- Dave Longan, Metal Radio Ireland

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