Valentine Black

County Kildare

Valentine Black is a singer/songwriter from a background of folk, indie-rock and alt-country. He released his debut album ‘Desire Lines’ in 2012, described as, ‘a love letter to the power of the humble hook…as catchy as anything you’ll hear all year’ (Hot Press) and 'amazing with superb vocals and lyrics' (2uibestow). His influences include Dylan, Nick Cave, Springsteen and Roy Orbison along with bands like The Clash, Arcade Fire, The National, and James.

“Bowie and Dylan are evoked in a ten-track effort that swoons and sways with the best of them…Desire Lines is like a love letter to the power of the humble hook…as catchy as anything you’ll hear all year.”
Hot Press

“Black’s sound is a sort of folksy indie-rock: influences like Dylan and Springsteen are there, but with a more modern, poppier twist. Here, he has delivered an accomplished piece of work, with a lot of love and dedication obviously put into it...”

Although Valentine’s songs of love and dissidence may be simple- they’re passionate. There’s a very honest quality about his playing that makes you want to listen to what he has to say.
Natascha Malta - Canada

“With a more than a dash of Springsteen in these songs about love, loss, and post-Tiger Ireland, Valentine Black is probably a lasher in a live setting…capable of moments of genuine brilliance.”

“Desire Lines is like a homage to the 70’s folk-rock of Dylan, Bowie and Elton…an honest album…filled with catchy songs, good vocals and fine lyrics. 9 out of 12”

"Each song is seeping with talent and emotion, perfectly intertwined. On each listen you will find a new cleverly placed lilt, a new hidden meaning and beautiful poetic construction you have not realised before. The album is a wonderful example of the kind of talent that is missing from Irish music."

“Valentine Black’s songs have an honesty about them that will make listeners smile. Like two sides of every coin his songs portray both highs and lows characterised from the most tender of memories to the grittiest aspects of society.”

"So down to earth...This Irish artist has himself a bright future I think and can't wait to hear more!"
Let’s take it One by One @

Take me to your leader - ‘…a cracking good tune…amazing with superb vocals and lyrics’

‘incomparable…a wizard and a true star’.
Jackie Hayden Hot Press

‘Classic yet fresh musical style…displays strong talent and potential…
The Great American Song Contest

‘His "Retrospect" single explodes into a Damien Rice-esque opus that also resembles Elbow.’ (Canada) Sept 2010

“It's great. I love the rusty unique vocals and sweet lyrics…"

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