Tyler Sunn

County Dublin

I started in 2009 trying to somehow fit my songwriting, and my vocal style into my more club orientated music productions, but I always managed to fail at getting it just right. I began releasing instrumentals under the name Demon Groove, and released 11 ep’s with Record Companies including Adapted Records, Tasty Records, and Big Alliance Records to name a few. My biggest achievement was charting just outside the top ten on Beatport and staying there for a number of weeks. I got a small cult following in America, and my tracks were played in major clubs all over the world. Somehow I always preferred the idea of kids in college dorms bouncing around to my music in between breaks from being geniuses, than mollied-up clubbers.

In 2015 I decided to take a break from producing for a while and went travelling. I spent two months biking over the Swizz Alps to Milan, an amazing adventure! I spent three months on a Thai Island, where I wrote a book. I had a guitar along and was still writing songs on the road. The songs I used to write always sounded like some vital piece was missing.

In Thailand, in between writing chapters of my book, I was writing little scraps of songs on Rizzla papers, and beermats. This proved to be a transformative experience in terms of songwriting. I was listening to Bob Marley, and Al Green, on my balcony and watching rainstorms batter the tiny Thai island, or sun set after sunset, and just letting the music flow out of me every night. The songs seemed to be coming from somewhere else; deeper inside me, a place that had been buried under the shit from the daily grind, and my playing had gone to another level also. The island (Koh Chang) had an authentic musical flavour, and there were loads of muso’s there, and passing through. I think this vibe influenced me and I went with the change that was happening inside me. I began to sing from the heart, where before I think I was trying to be a great singer-songwriter, which is never the way.

After four months living and working in Galway I returned to Dublin, where a diverse new music scene was already baring plenty of juicy fruit. I decided to take my time and get it right, working hard every day grafting the songs, and shaping my sound to where it felt natural, and authentic. Tyler Sunn was born while camping for a week on the amazing beach under the chimneys of Dublins Poolbeg Power Station, in August 2017.

I look forward to sharing my songs with you. . .x


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