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Two For Joy

Rock // Dublin

A rock group out of Dublin, Ireland, consisting primarily of singer/songwriter Ryan Ennis, Guitarist Killian Dowling, Lee Riordan and a collective of musicians. Two For Joy weave classic folk style melodies with the grounded rock lineup of guitar, drums and bass, honing into the traditional sound with a modern take. The group released their debut EP, “A Gathering of the Bohemians” in the summer of 2019. There debut Album, A Gathering of the Bohemians Part 2, was released in 21st of November 2021. Their single, Tribute, has been added to a number of popular Spotify playlists and listed as One's to Watch by The Sharpe.

Ryan Ennis recorded a solo acoustic album as Two For Joy. The album is simply titled Ryan Ennis and will be released 6th Jan 2023.
Two For Joy as a band also spent some time in Windmill Lane last summer where they recorded their album, One For Sorrow.

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