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Turning Down Sex

Hardcore // Dublin

Turning Down Sex is an instrumental trio from Dublin. Begun as an attempt by three friends to make interesting instrumental music, this pursuit has led them toward a bizarre and unique musical style. In the few years since these early days, Turning Down Sex has played with many of Ireland’s great hard and loud bigwigs including Ten Past Seven, BATS and No Spill Blood. They play regularly in Dublin and around the country, and are known for their intense performances and sweaty, sweaty hands. Their music is fast, loud and erratic, pumping out a heady mix of genres such as math-rock, hardcore and ‘Alternative & Punk’. The resulting sound is a musical hunter-gatherer of sorts, running around the ears of the audience as if they were primeval caves, stuffing them with nutritious berries of dissonance, and skinning flesh from the burst carcasses of harmonically erratic riff-beasts.

As John Milton put it: “To play in 7/4, and then play in 4/4, and then pause and scream, surely that is one of the most efficacious and fundamental expressions of the human condition.”

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