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Hip Hop // Dublin , Dublin

My artist name is ( Tuccii ) and my full name is Tinashe Muzira (25 years old ).
Living in Dublin & full of character, I would like to my genre is unspecified. Normally I would speak on myself but I will let it speak for itself. My music is a backstory of my life experiences and lessons. The music that I write is to hopefully get people to understand that their battles are not being faced alone. I want to make my music relatable to everyone. 
Main target is - ( Feelings and Emotions ). This is a topic people normally avoid and I want people to know it’s okay to speak about it. 
My strongest genre would be trap but I’m known to tap into every genre to show my versatility. 

Please find some unreleased music on my page  
I will give you 4 different songs from different genres for a more understanding of my music. 
Hope you enjoy it. 

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