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Transmission Club

Indie // Cork, Cork

“They're a six-piece from Cork and they make damn good tunes”
- Dan Hegarty, 2FM

Formed in 2014 as the bedroom recording project of Michael Prendiville, Transmission Club is quickly becoming one of the most unique live acts in the Irish music scene.

The band's diverse sonic palette combines elements of indie, folk and grunge, textured with harmonium, violin, keyboards, guitars, drum machines and loops.

Recording takes place in bedrooms and living rooms, allowing for songs to be captured organically in the spur of the moment, giving the music a raw, untrammelled feel.

Michael Prendiville (vocals, guitars)
Arthur Pawsey (vocals, guitars)
Laurie Power (violins)
Jake Riordan (synth, drum machines, sequencers)
Rob O'Sullivan (bass. guitars)
Liam Redding (drums)