Transient Water Bottle

Hip Hop
Cork City boi , County Cork

If my life was Old McDonald's farm, music would be the horse, the lamb, the cow and the chickens.
And that's the first of my many agricultural references.

I’m a producer, first and foremost. I've always maintained that the best beats are simple and distilled,
not complex and flashy - in my own words, "give me whisky, not beer." And all my beats are just
simple ingredients coming together and pulling in the same direction to make something great. I
love to dance so all my beats are meant to be grooved to.

I got into rapping firstly for a bit of a laugh and then I found out about the Cuttin’ Heads lads in
Cork and the joke became very serious. Philadelphia rapper/producer e-dubble changed my life. No
joke here, he literally told me how to live. Drinking with my headphones on and Changed my mind are
like my national anthems, my mantra. The prospect of changing someone’s life like e-dub changed
mine has kept on (mostly) serious topics and not snorting ket out of the cracks of broken iPhone

Performance is about more than just sound to me. I’ve always loved when audio and visuals come
together and work in tandem. In that vein, I love film music. I remember watching Glass Animals’
audiovisual album Zaba and being like this is amazing. Visuals are a big part of my performance. I
have this projector which I use when I gig. I use those old film noir, which I love, for my visuals. I
love the contrast there is between dark and light and the filth of ‘em. They’re available for free on
YouTube too which is handy.
And that’s me really. I take what I have and make something out of it.
One more thing, I love having a class time so whenever I gig, I say forget the stage and go and slog
it out in the pit with everyone else.

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