Transient Water Bottle

Hip Hop
Cork City boi , County Cork



If my life was Old McDonald's farm, music would be the horse, the lamb, the cow and the chickens (notable absence: pigs*). And that's the first of my many agricultural references.

Coming from a place of weirdness, I make the beats and put down in words what's on my mind.
My beat-making journey started with classical piano (really boring, except Chopin), via jazz piano (soul-numbing), through pop (actually not bad) and then I found hip-hop (fkn class). My beats are unique, or so people have said to me.. In all seriousness, I started making beats years ago but only got into rapping recently. The influence of all the genres I've dabbled with but not committed to is there. I've always maintained that the best beats are simple and distilled, not complex and flashy - in my own words, "give me whisky, not beer." And all my beats are just simple ingredients coming together to make something great.

Why'd I start rapping? I can't sing and I've a lot to say about serious matters (drug and drink culture) and not-so-serious matters (toxic farts on the first bus out of town). When I was aged 16, I was not in a healthy mental state. I started listening to the music of Philadelphia man e-dubble and his lines changed my life. No joke. So I when I started rapping, the possibility of changing someone's life in that way kept me rapping about (mostly) serious topics. Not snorting fkn ket out of the cracks of broken iPhone screen.

I've an album on the way very soon and the launch at Fred Zeppelins, Cork City, Ireland, Centre of the Universe on January 16th. Be there, and we'll chat.

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Upcoming Gigs

  16 Jan 2018 19:30 Fred Zeppelin's, 8 Parliament Street, Cork   w/ Kestine and Defects Major