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Transient Water Bottle

Hip Hop // Cork City , Cork

If Transient's life was Old McDonald's farm, music would be the horse, the lamb, the cow and the chickens.
And that's the first of many agricultural references.

Transient Water Bottle is an alternative hip-hop project, produced, curated and performed by producer, rapper and recordist Cormac Porter. Based out of a broom closet in Cork City, Ireland and with a relentlessly DIY attitude, Transient Water Bottle draws influences from jazz, funk and hip-hop lending to irresistible melodies combining jazzy harmonies and Latin rhythms. A lover of all music, it was meeting the Cuttin' Heads Collective that brought the Transient Water Bottle project into hip-hop. Shows are as much visual as sonic, where noir visuals complement the soundscape. Porter's life was changed by the songs of Philadephia rapper e-dubble and in e-dubble's enigmatic vein, Porter continues the "satirical, true-to-the-cause hip hop" (JJ Lee, UCC Express)

Live shows are wild. They're noted for Transient's allergic avoidance of the stage. The stage doesn't like Transient and Transient doesn't like the stage. Taking a leaf out of Metallica's book, Transient starts each show playing Hans Zimmer's Day One. When the strings finishing their swell, the rave really begins.

Regular releases have started with The Foggy Dew and Marsellus Wallace. Two very different tunes with one commonality: the get down. They're available on all major streaming platforms.

Contact: [email protected]