County Cork

During summer 2014, a young Irish troubadour named Richard O’ Gorman found himself in Nashville, Tennessee playing gigs alongside fellow luminaries in the pubs, pavements and clubs, honing his songwriting and performing his bustling brand of nu-folk in such famous venues as The Bluebird.

Standing at six foot five, he was christened ‘too tawl’ in typical Tennessee twang by a passing hobo on the street. The namesake stuck like glue and upon his arrival home with this new adapted title he began working on material for his debut EP. Mainly taking inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles and also older blues musicians such as Blind Willie McTell, Tootawl mixes this strong sense of musical tradition with his own unique folk style.

Since his time in Tennessee, Tootawl has supported Aslan in their sold out gig in Cork Opera House and Ham Sandwich at the Bandon Music Festival, to name a few. Tootawl recorded his debut EP with producer Christian Best (Mick Flannery, O Emperor) at Monique Studios which received widespread national radio airplay. He also had the title track of his EP played in the major US TV series 'You Me Her'.

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