Tommy Keyes

Dunboyne, County Meath

A blast from the past - original singer-songwriter music at its very best.

Tommy Keyes was the keyboard player for Sidewinder, a mainstay of the Dublin rock scene in the late 1970s, and wrote many of their most popular songs. Nearly 40 years later, after a career outside music that left no time for gigging, he returns with a stockpile of great songs that defy categorisation. Rock? Pop? “It’s 1970s singer-songwriter music”, he says, “because that’s what I am.”

An Irish Life, recorded in Sun Studios, Temple Lane with some of Ireland's top session musicians, including Dick Farrelly and Richie Buckley, will be released on CD and download at the start of August. Two other albums, The Sad Pursuit and Some of These Stories Are True, will also be available,

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