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Good day to whomever may find themselves reading this. Welcome…..

We are a band called TKO based in Dublin, Ireland. We are currently in the final stages of recording our debut album. It's due for release in 2012.

We feed off our live shows; we have played hundreds of shows in venues other bands would fear to tread throughout the country. We are unafraid of any audience, bad sound system, poor lighting or small stage that crosses our path and have been described by Hotpress Magazine as “One of the best live bands in the country”. Nice quote eh?!

The TKO “sound” is best described by no-one, not even those in the band. Basically, there is Guitars, Drums, Bass and Vocals. There is also Violin, Saxophone, Harmonica, and Clarinet and then there’s lots of other stuff which you’re best left to discover on your own. The songs are all in different styles, different time signatures, rhythms etc. etc. The idea, if there is one, is to create some good tunes, and leave the rest up to the listener.

We have done so much stuff since we began playing together that it’s going to be hard to mention it all here but sure we will give it a go; we have released two accomplished EP’s, a top 40 charting single and a live album. We have played over 200 shows which include an Italian tour and five big tours of Ireland. We also supported The Frames in the amazing Vicar St venue and have played with bands such as The Wailers, The Undertones, Mercury Rev, Martha Wainwright, The Waterboys, Mundy and the incomparable Damien Dempsey. We have also played with a bunch of other people and bands that are probably just as good as any of them but you’ve never heard of.

There’s also been a bunch of TV, radio and press appearances, including our music being played on RTE, performances on Pop4 on TG4 and City Channel as well as a much viewed appearance on YouTube favourite “Balcony TV” and up and coming channel “Bandwagon TV”. Our music has been played on radio stations such as Today FM, 2FM, Phantom and 98FM.
That’s not to mention an almost fatal fondness for playing in (and continually selling out) Dublin’s most famous music venue, Whelans. Last summer saw us playing at festivals such as the Temple House Festival, Sea Sessions, Festival of World Cultures and Cork X Southwest Festival among 20 more. We also won the vote to play at the Castlepalooza Festival by the readers of Hotpress and were finalists of the “Our Thursdays” Guinness competition and played Arthurs Day 2010.

So, what’s happening now Batman? Well, the album is recorded. We are mixing and mastering it as we type. We just released a three track EP called “The Keystone” in March; the lead track “The Busker” has been getting lots of airplay all over the country. We are touring all over the country in the coming months so keep an eye on our gig listings for shows near your town. Thanks for reading this, it’s an exciting time in the TKO camp and we hope you'll be around to share it with us....

Peace & Love

Mic, Gram, Si, Eoghan, Steve and Mikey


Press quotes:

"One of the best live bands in the country" - Hotpress

“There is a huge amount of character in their music, long lost on the present scene” – Busby Music review

“It shouldn’t work but it damn well does” – Indie Limerick Blog

"Well constructed songs and a great live act" - Metro

"They can really cut it live. Currently brewing up a storm on the live scene" – Jackie Hayden

"Melodic and damn catchy" - Hold it Down Magazine

"One of Irelands best young, contemporary acts. They are a not to be missed gig" - Hotpress

"Catch TKO before they hit the big time with their uplifting mix of rock, jazz, funk and folk" Northside People

“These songs show why they are earning such a string reputation as a live group” – Drop D Magazine

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