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TJ Maestro

Hip Hop // Roscommon

Well, what's the craic? :)

My name is TJ, I'm a rapper from Roscommon, Ireland and I make music to express my feelings and share my life experiences with the listener to help inspire them and overcome any struggles they may face in life.

I was born in Galway but grew up in the countryside in a small village in rural Roscommon, somewhere I hold dear to my heart as it has shaped me into the person I am today. Although there was very little to do at times, I always appreciated my surroundings and the challenges of what growing up in a disadvantaged area can bring for any young kid.

I would describe my music as a mix of hip-hop and trap, with a more conscious, self-reflective side to the lyrics I rap on my songs. I like to make music with emotion, energy and meaning, something that can help motivate and resonate with the person listening.

I began writing at 13 and have progressively worked on improving my craft ever since. I began releasing music when I was 16, dropping short SoundCloud demos, and, in March 2020, released my first official Spotify single, "2020 Vision".

My music is mostly influenced by artists such as Eminem, Nas, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. I also feel the struggles I experienced as a child hugely inspired me to pick up the pen.

I plan to release new music very soon as I continue to grow and develop as an artist. I also aim to release a number of tracks during the summer and my first project in the near future.

I hope you can join this journey with me!

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TJ Maestro