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Thursday's Child

Alternative // Wexford // Her

Anna Stafford / D'souza is mainly a singer / songwriter based in Wexford.

This was a whole new avenue of creative expression for me, writing lyrics and melodies. I mainly work with a very talented musician in Wexford. I can drive to their studio, use their microphone. They record the material and send it to me. The things I need to expand on are promotion and making videos to accompany the music. I am a graphic designer so I have created some of the artwork for the music myself and I have tried to be as self-sufficient as I can be.

I have three original songs and counting.. two versions of one particular song.
They are listed on my Youtube and Spotify account.

Now that the songs have been arranged by the musician in Wexford, they are free to be learned by musicians who might want to form a band and tour together. At the moment, I am looking at contacting journalists and radio stations to get my music out there.