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Thread Pulls new 12” record, ‘You melt words \ 5/8 rhythm here’, was released on 19 October 2012 on CF Records (Girls Names, Sea Pinks, Lucky Dragons, Patrick Kelleher). Recorded with legendary underground electronic music producer David Donohoe and made over a two week period in their basement city centre studio, it comprises two long-play tracks arranged specially for 12” vinyl.

It takes their sound even further into a rarified sparseness, with each paired-back sound pushed to extremes. Scattered polyrhythms and shifting time signatures move around the focus of the beat; deranged brass sounds burst from the depths of Gavin’s lungs. It was mastered by Stephen Quinn who recorded Thread Pulls 2010 album ‘New thoughts’. The 12” vinyl ( with download) is a limited pressing of 100 with special packaging including unlabelled vinyl, stamped sleeve and two glossy photographic prints.

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‘Peter Maybury and Gavin Duffy and can write a nasty rhythm, and their 2010 album, New Thoughts, proved that it’s possible to make very full-sounding rock music with little more than drums, bass and unprocessed vox. “5/8 Rhythm Here,” the b-side of their upcoming “Youmeltwords” 12-inch, pushes these accomplishments even further’ - The Fader

'like going into bullet time in a world where drums are guns. God lurks in this drone-space, we caught a glimpse of it, wearing a This Heat t-shirt.' - 20 JazzFunkGreats

‘Anyone familiar with Thread Pulls’ forceful and intense live performances will know that containing them within the walls of the Joinery will be a tough task, one bound to make for an unforgettable experience for the audience.’ - Totally Dublin

‘no-wave and noiserock duo Thread Pulls tore down Cul de Sac during Incubate 2012. Now they are about to release a limited edition 12’ - Incubate

‘both sparse and echoey, and packed at the same time. A palette of noises combine to make something that is intriguing, that you know shouldn’t work, but it just does. And the percussion breakdown in the middle works so well. Thread Pulls treat the listener mean for ages, keeping them more than keen.’ - The Point Of Everything

‘oscillating synth pulse over a relentless 5/8 drum pattern, with what you might call an existential vocal…the brief blasts of processed trumpet relief that usher in a temporary chaos, like a door opening on city traffic.’ - Noise

Side A of the new 12″ from Dublin’s Thread Pulls is a richly percussive and minimal new song ‘You Melt Words’, taking the idea of live dub rhythms into an art-rock context. - Nialler9

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