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Thom Parsons

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Thom Parsons is an Actor and Songwriter. Most recently Thom appeared in David Bowies final work LAZARUS at the Kings Cross Theatre. As well as performing alongside Michael C Hall in Lazarus, Parsons’ has toured arenas worldwide with Tim Minchin, Melanie C and Chris Moyles in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Alongside his acting career, Thom is gearing up to releasing his second EP "You Made Your Bed" with a release date imminent. In preparation for releasing new music Thom and his band have been polishing an exciting live performance.

Working with Drummer/Producer Niall Woods [Mute Records, EMI, Sony, Polly Scattergood, Gabby Young and Other Animals, Codes, Koukie Inner City Pirates, BBC, etc] Parsons' is penning songs that have grown from demos written at home to full production numbers ready for an album release.

The pair started working together when they met working on Once the Musical [1 Grammy Award, 8 Tony Awards] in Dublin. Parsons approached Woods hoping to record some ideas at his Porchlight Studios Dublin and it quickly became apparent that both Parsons and Woods shared musical tastes and the recording of initial ideas soon turned into the recording of Parsons' first release, Infamy.

Parsons' sound has been described as a melting pot of Buckley, Muse, Incubus and Radiohead with big drums, big guitars and evocative vocals being the back bone of all of his work. Parsons' is keen to write POP hooks but at the same time, through a strong lyrical narrative, engage the listeners emotional connection to his music.

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