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Rock // Dublin, Dublin

Thirteen is the long-running solo project by Dublin musician, producer and audio software developer Cormac Phelan. Over the course of 15 years, he has quietly recorded 4 albums, with the latest album 'Complicity' due for release Nov 2017

Stylistically, Thirteen albums use conventional rock instrumentation (vocals, bass, guitar, percussion, piano, etc) to achieve more unconventional textures and atmospheres. Early albums fit into the 'SlowCore' genre, drawing comparisons to seminal artists such as Low, Spokane, and Elliott Smith. More recently, the tempo and urgency of Thirteen's music has increased, perhaps closer to the contemplative rock music of Radiohead, Torres or Nine Inch Nails in their more reserved moments

The latest release, 'Complicity', is a tight, focused and deeply satisfying execution of Thirteen's stylistic hallmarks. There's the dark, minor-key mood from earlier slowcore recordings, there's the close-miked intimacy of the vocal performances, there's the woozy, almost psychadelic approach to guitar textures, and there's the overall unapologetic melancholy. These characteristics are brought together in a much more coherent, impactful way than ever before. This is most likely the combined result of many more years writing/production experience, and the insight that comes from looking at past recordings in a critical, unforgiving light

Progress by rejecting self-satisfaction; that's really the core of Thirteen's continued evolution and, he hopes, improvement