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Third Island

Metal // Limerick, Limerick

Third Island is a post metal band formed in 2015 and based in Ireland. Drawing from a wide array of influences including doom, post rock, shoegaze, sludge, progressive and stoner rock, the band aims to create a unique sound blending huge guitar tones and dark atmospheres. The band is made up of multi-instrumentalists Liam O’Connor, John Quill, and Seamus Quaid.

In the summer of 2016 Third Island released their debut EP “Dusk”. Based on themes of nightmares and sleep disorders, the EP aims to bring the listener on a journey through insomnia and fear. The EP was well received, and followed by a number of shows well into 2017 and 2018.

Third Island released their debut album “ Omelas” on April 1st 2018. This album’s concept follows the story of “The Ones Who Walk Away From The Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin. Written over the course of a year, the album lyrically and musically explores the themes of the story; the joy of discovery, the pride of the city, the anger and sadness of learning the truth of their false utopia, and final isolation of the ultimatum. This is achieved through a meld of genres, shifting slowly through melancholic post-rock and progressive passages into oppressive, anxious doom and sludge.

The band are currently looking for live shows to showcase the release of the upcoming album this Autumn/Winter.

Please get in touch via social media or [email protected] for bookings and availability.

“Third Island should appeal to fans of doom-based, ethereal, atmospheric classics such as Anathema and Paradise Lost”


“The Limerick band play a slow and heaving kind of shoegaze that given the proper time to savour, is really quite rewarding.”


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