County Dublin

Patrick Hallinan, the singer and songwriter behind Thinkerrs, has been involved in various music projects since the early 2000s. In recent years, now based in Dublin and with the help of fellow exiled Mayo men, he has assembled the current collective, with whom he has recorded 3 albums, the latest entitled 'Black Dog'. The album was launched in Whelans and the Róisín Dubh in July 2013.

The album is a medley of sweetly refined, folk-tinted introspection and muscular workouts, blending elements of Americana and grunge. It moves through a combination of reflective poise and moments of blistering intensity, not unlike a Hibernian Neil Young.

On 26th July 2013 the Irish Times suggested Thinkerrs have an "ability to get your cogs whirring" an "aptitude for lyrically dense, often abstract songs ... Some tracks are in thrall to Nick Cave’s dark, squally rock (Bloodlet, Quantum Universe); others have a lighter, Van Morrison-esque cadence (April, Until the Dawn). Highlight Forgive & Forget pings with a twee indiepop bounce, while Bloodlet, with its ominous tone and reference to a “sacrificial knife”, could almost pass for an acoustic metal track."

Thinkerrs played the Hard Working Class Heroes in October 2013 and were chosen by Nialler9 as one of the bands to watch. Current work is underway for a new album due in late 2014.

For full download or streaming follow the bandcamp link

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