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Thick As Thieves

Rock // Finglas, Dublin

Thick As Thieves are Ireland's most refreshing and up and coming band within the local music scene. Hailing from Finglas in Dublin, Thick As Thieves were formed in May 2013 by Paul Archbold, Robert Dyland, Aaron Douglas and Ian Thorp after the band "One of the Boys" they had all been in previously had broken up.

Having wet their appetite with some small successes in the 2 years spent in OTB, including two singles which charted in Ireland and an appearance at the Youth Music Awards and the Monaghan Fortstock Festival, the trio were hungry to get back together making music and aimed to reach higher heights than what they had already accomplished in their relatively short careers. Their aim is to one day have international success and be role models for younger musicians in the same way they have been influenced when growing up.

The band have a hard work ethic and persistent energetic live performances around Dublin and up and down Ireland are testament to this, as well as an ever-growing repetoir of original songs and covers.

The band released their first single "Hey Little Woman" in July of 2013 at a launch night coinciding with their involvement in the 10 Days in Dublin Festival in The Mercantile Venue, Dublin.
September 2013 sees the band release "That Girl Is Trouble" as a download single for a limited time.

In such a short existence, to date, Thick As Thieves have played numerous venues such as the Speakeasy Bar, The Czech Inn, Captains Live, The Mercantile and GCD to name but a few. They are also cutting their teeth playing alongside some of Dublin's hottest bands, such as, Bluesun, Common Wolf, The Medz, We Were Giants and many more, earning their very first headline show in August 2013, not even 3 months into the bands existence. A feat that shows the bands tireless work and effort to bring energy and enthusiasm to any and every show they part take in.

The band are currently working on a debut E.P and writing brand new material while honing a live show on the local music scene.

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