The Workrbees

London, Sydney,, County Dublin

The workrbees are a band and we use a guitar and a drumbox and record it all ourselves on my laptop but who really gives a shit.

We have played about 20 gigs, some of which were horrible and others that were amazing. Our first gig was in o Donoghues on Suffolk st. We were meant to go on first but instead we went on last, needless to say we had a few pints while we waited. Embarrassment and hilarity ensued. I forgot the words, Ken forget which song we were playing. My guitar strap broke. People booed and laughed so we stopped playing, took a breath and we started again. This time ken fell off the drumbox and I forgot the words, the song and the chords so we stopped completely and stumbled off the stage.

Our best gig was a fancy dress party. 200 hundred people loved us. we were sober which really helped. the people danced and laughed. one really drunk guy even shouted "london calling" at me. i took it as a compliment.

When we lived in Vancouver one of the first days we arrived we decided to go busking. So we set up shop outside the local Skytrain station. After one hour we got 25 cents off a homeless guy who i'm friends with and 75 cent off a deaf woman. Total profit one dollar.

We will be releasing a live album called "Busking Caps" soon.

We now live in different continents so playing gigs is hard. Life can be tough in a two man band.


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