CORK, County Cork

the vital spark is made up of vince on vocals &guitar,keith on bass and terry on drums.we have been referenced to mostly post punk bands so i guess that makes us fit into the post punk genre.take a listen yourself and see what you get from it?

"THE VITAL SPARK- Excellent stuff from Cork...zippy, punky fare with a decidely Irish singing voice recalling The Undertones b.vs as perfected by Mickey Bradley in conjunction with the O’Neil brothers...the music is a blend of post punk stuff with crisp guitars, pounding riddims and that soaring voice. Sort of like Sonic Youth get a disco beat and some deeply decent tunes- and don’t ya just love the dirrrrty bass on ‘I'll Be’...No.2 Steve Lamacq band of the year tip on R1’s 'In New Music We Trust' vehicle too...." BugBear Bookings London

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