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Rock // Dublin

Forget DAFT PUNK. Forget ENYA. THE STASI are the new soundtrack to your collective existential crisis. Think big guitars, whiskey stained vocals and smart songs that linger in the mind like last night’s indiscretions.

The first three singles from their upcoming studio album LOVE IN THE AGE OF NARCISSISM released on MAY 4th 2018 (Available / SPOTIFY / iTunes / GOOGLEMusic)

Founding members CAOIMHE CONNOLLY and JAMES WALMSLEY spent the best part of a year honing material, playing private shows for friends and late night house guests before holing up in RAVENSDALE STUDIOS to record in the last days of 2017. The self-produced tracks are mastered by LED ZEPPLIN, ROLLING STONES + THE WHO producer JON ASTELY (no relation to Rick).
On the bass is JONNY JUDE and on drums SEAN CONNOLLY (he IS a relation -to Caoimhe, not Rick). The boys were torn kicking and screaming from their usual instruments - guitar and bass respectively - to lay down a hefty, straight-up rhythm section.

THE STASI begin touring this summer, starting with Dublin Quays Festival on JUL 20th at the Grand Social

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