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The Sea, Close By

Rock // Belfast, Antrim

The Sea, Close By are a polite alternative & math-rock three-piece band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Having integrated softly into the Belfast music scene with various soft release demo tracks, and their inaugural show with Woman's Work & Go Girl at the Oh Yeah Centre this May, the band wish to capitalise with the release of their debut single Humphrey's Got a Heat Lamp, released 8th July.

The track dictates the dynamism of math-influenced dark pop and rock music alongside the transient structure and timing which the band's upcoming EP - 'Peppermint,' to be released Summer 2018 - will more comprehensively demonstrate. 

The group are now booking local shows with Irish promoters and deliberating with a selection of UK festivals on appearances in Liverpool, Sligo, and farther afield in 2018.

"Noisy yet thoughtful, huge yet weirdly fragile - Humphrey’s… is immensely creative and an absolute whopper of a debut single" - BBC Across The Line