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Alternative // Drogheda, Louth

The Roomkeepers were brought together by a shared desire and passion for the craft that is writing and playing music. The band centres around Eoin Matthew Mc Cabe (lead vocals, guitar, and piano), a veteran of the trade with decades of experience both at home in Ireland and overseas, whose playful, artistic energy stems from a singular vocation which is evident to all who witness him play.

The group further builds on the talents of Derek Mc Cluskey (drums, backing vocals and keys), Albin Lindeborg (bass and guitar) and Mary Mc Guinness (piano, vocals and percussion). In this formation they bring to life a distinct, layered and complex sound, which Mc Cabe describes as ‘everything from melancholy to hopeful.’

The varied abilities of all members give the band plasticity, allowing for shifts between sounds and instruments, thus transcending narrow classifications of style and genre.

The songs they produce resonate with movement, transition and emotion: the raw materials of all of life’s journeys.

“I do a lot of daydreaming and come up with ideas for songs, not all of which are necessarily based in reality. I think that is a lot more fun; after all, our imagination is all that limits us. I didn’t want all the songs on the album to be about lost love.” - Mc Cabe

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