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The Revellions

Garage // Dublin, Dublin

The Revellions are a Six Piece Garage Surf Rock band with a side order of psychedelic madness based in Dublin city .

The band have been taking Their sound to the next level following their two well known albums “The Revellions” and “Give it Time”, being promoted by several successful tours in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway and Spain. We are currently working in the last bits and pieces of the forthcoming 3rd album, with its characteristic garage rock ‘n roll sound with a touch of psychedelic rock touch the band has always been known for.

This new album will see light in 2018 as the band have already started presenting the new songs across the core venues of garage rock music in Dublin City and a tour over Spain. The first single name "False Hope" of this upcoming album has been already released with a great acceptance and played in radios from Ireland, Spain, UK and France.

The band have now a pure raw energy live show with lots of influences from the 60s and 70s with a great vibes and a very entertaining show.

The Revellions are :

James Lister - Lead Vocals & Guitar .

Edward Aspel - Guitar & Backing Vocals .

Sean Adderley - Guitar & Tambourine .

Juan Castilla - Bass Guitar .

Anna Mulhbach - Keys, Synth, Echoes & Backing Vocals .

Mick Smith - Drums .

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