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The Phoenix Prestige

Alternative // Hangzhou, China, Limerick

The Phoenix Prestige is a three piece experimental rock band from Hangzhou, China.
Jay Iverson(Wisconsin, USA)- Drums
Brendan Donnelly(Limerick, Ireland)- Guitar, Midi
John Carroll(Limerick, Ireland)- Vocals, Bass

The Phoenix Prestige started in 2008 as a two-piece guitar-drums combo. The band have been living in China since 2005 and performing in China as a three-piece band since 2009. Early days were spent experimenting and blending punk rock with new sounds, effects pedals, midi, electronic music and traditional Chinese instruments. Jay Iverson was added to the roster in late 2009 adding the furiosity and drumming intensity that the band had been searching for.

In Summer 2008 The Phoenix Prestige began work on their first recorded work entitled 'First' featuring demos and out-takes from practice sessions that would later appear on future work. In March 2009 , The Phoenix Prestige released 'Antarctica sessions', a similar work of demos and out-takes and began to gain a local following and reputation for alternative music in Hangzhou, China. Summer 2009 saw The Phoenix Prestige make Shanghai and Hangzhou television and radio appearances and demo work began on 'The Bullet Catch'. Then in March 2010, they released their debut Ep, 'The Bullet Catch', and began to spread their wings to venues around China in cities such as Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shanghai, Suzhou.
Later that year, The Phoenix Prestige made an appearance at the USA Expo of the Shanghai International World Expo on 4th of July.
In August 2010, The Phoenix Prestige embarked on their first ever ten city tour of China, where they debuted at reputable venues nationwide appearing in Beijing, Tianjing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou as well as independently connecting with underground distributers around China under their own label, IIIMedicIII Independent records.

On the strength of 'The Bullet Catch', The Phoenix Prestige has made international appearances in music magazines, and has also had radio and television interviews in both China and Internationally - 'The Beijinger: CN', 'Time Out: Hong Kong: CN', 'Shanghai Weekly: CN', 'TheRedstar: Qingdao: CN', 'Whisperin and Hollerin: UK', 'Electric Language podcast: UK', 'Alternative Ulster: Northern Ireland', Phantom FM : Ireland, WLRFM : Ireland, Live95FM : Ireland ... to name a few.

The Phoenix Prestige have just released 'The Ivory Skull' , recorded in Hangzhou, China; It is a three song Ep featuring previously unreleased songs. It is available for download and listening at