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The Mighty Avon Jnr

Experimental // Dublin, Dublin // he him they them

Film maker (The Stars Are Underground, Boujeloud: Father of Skins, The Ex: Live in Dublin) and musician (The Babysnakes, Paranoid Visions) Daragh McCarthy has created a one-man band with a hundred members.

The Mighty Avon Jnr

A stylistically diverse debut album "HOLD EVERYTHING DEAR" has just been released - available on limited edition vinyl and digital at and Tower Records Dublin.

Slow, sad & cinematic is the step off point to spoken word, dense experimental cuts, Shape Note singing, minimal piano/double bass work and epic agit-dance.

Fiercely anti-war. Influenced / inspired variously by John Berger (from whence the album title), Shape Note Singing, the Women of Greenham Common, visual artist Jenny Holzer and jungle death cults of the 80s and collapse.

Written in Valencia Spain and produced by Daragh McCarthy it was recorded in a handful of studios in Dublin - Soft Sleeper, Westland, Asylum, Guerilla Sound and at home in D2. Some brass was recorded at Buddhabug Studios in Harlem NYC, a little guitar in Italy and the whole thing brought over the line with Liam Mulvaney at Bow Lane Studios and Asylum Studios in Dublin again.

Two tracks use the words of other writers put to sonic backdrop:

The text for the dark-epic track Underground is taken from Irish author Emer Martin's novel "The Cruelty Men" and has been called an "anger cheat sheet and bitter history of Ireland" and was previously self released as a single.

The track Jibutsu No Fokuroa (The Folklore of Things) is a poem by Japanese avant-garde film maker Shuji Terayama with music by Daragh McCarthy