The Lost Gecko

Cork, County Cork

Irish based Scots clan man Malcolm Urquhart better known as The Lost Gecko has searched high and far for himself through his music , from Kenya to Cork the Geckos world of truths and lies have been inherited by his latest body of songs , 'Unphotographable'. Crushing vocals reaching high into your mind and a mixed bag of thunder drums , soft guitar rain , dancing fiddlers on a hot tin roof and boombastic basses as a backdrop would make a dead man weep and wine for joy and mercy .The Geckos lactating lyrics potray a burnt out mind fired by the heart of a lion .But have no fear It is a feast not for the faint hearted and is of nice and ice and unforgettably Un-photographable so step into the Gecko world and lose your mind or someone else will. You've been warned now enter .
Produced by Bobby Lee, John Burke & Malcolm Urquhart

Recorded at Claycastle studios Youghal Co Cork Ireland
Mixed by John Burke & Bobby Lee

The music is drivin by
The Gecko – Wooden guitars and them vocals
Bobby lee - on bass , drums , electric guitars percussion,piano , production and the Kitchen Sink
Orla Daly- Strings Al La Carte
John Burke - Bass ,Programming and Patience
Leo Mullane - Acoustic guitar and hair

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