The Last Sound

County Dublin

Barry Murphy aka The Last Sound started writing music very early on and does not intend to stop.

Acquiring a computer, sequencer, and sampler in 1992, the next four years involved producing over 100 tracks across several genres under many pseudonyms. Just three live performances were given during this period, each time under a different name and with up to six performers on stage, variously adding live drums, live synths, and dancers (it was the 90s after all) to the lo-fi techno backdrop. Up to 1996 three demo cassette albums were made, nothing was officially released.

Though still based around sequencing, sometime between 1996 and 2001 the music style gradually shifted to a more organic, ethereal and psychedelic plain - and The Last Sound was born.

After finally returning to live work in early 2002 as a machines/live drums one-off two-piece at the legendary Lazybird night in Dublin, by the year's end the first album B'locks was released via influential Dublin electronic label Front End Synthetics. Ever since, and operating at varying levels of obscurity, a sizable and diverse catalogue of output has been building up including four albums, three EPs and a slew of compilation tracks, remixes, live mp3s etc. spread across various labels both in Ireland and abroad.

Whether via ambient instrumentals or spacey pop songs The Last Sound is aiming for a consistent vibe and sonic identity pitched somewhere between reference points such as Kosmische, Shoegaze, Goth, Krautrock, and Prog, neatly honed on latest release, the Fina/Cold/Fire EP. An upcoming 7" single is due out on Osaka Records in early 2011.

Outside of The Last Sound, Barry has performed a number of times on stage as part of ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki's never ending tour, also appearing on his 2009 live album One More Universe. Between 2004 and 2007 he co-ran confrontational electronic label Go Away Recordings with Ewan Hennelly (aka Herv) and since 2009 is involved with running Nute Records and its big brother label, the recently revived Trensmat. He is also one half of elusive psyche-drone merchants Whirling Hall Of Knives, formed in 2006 with Trensmat/Nute founder Magnetize. They have thus far released two albums and appeared on The Wire magazine's influential Wire Tapper compilation series amongst other achievements. They have a 7” single and a 10" album set for release over late 2010 and 2011.

The Last Sound key releases:


Frieze (2008)
1mEYES (2006)
B'locks (2002)
Skids (1997-2001)


Fina/Cold/Fire (2010)
Ex-Relics (2008)
Fades (2007)


Only The Lonely Know The Glow Is Failing b/w Turbochant (2011)

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