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The Journals

Alternative // Ranelagh, Dublin

The Journals, much like a fine suit, are a three-piece outfit, hailing from sunny south Dublin who aspire to create great rock music that contains melody and meaning.

Comprising of Alex Cummins (drums), Oliver Moyles (guitars / vocals) & John McDowell (bass), they have been alternating frenetically between recording and live performances since coming together at the end of 2012.

Their live shows and recordings to date have received overwhelming praise, with describing their 2014 performance at The Voodoo Lounge as "polished and tight, with a good energy between members...these guys are lyrically mature, creating a thoughtful atmosphere in their music."

Track 'Part II' from the trio's debut self-titled E.P. featured in the Best Irish Tracks of 2014 on Remy's Music & Film Blog; "The Journals' entire debut E.P. was a solid listen from start to finish, unlike a lot of other bands in the indie genre from Ireland, the thing that I liked about their music, best exemplified on the opening track, 'Part II', was how natural and unforced it sounded."

"The Journals' "Part II" is a brooding indie-rock, shoegaze-leaning killer." - Deadly Music

In January this year following the release of their double single, 'Mannequins / Habits & Recreations', they were named Band of the Week by; "Habits & Recreations is an absolute belter of a song. A real closer at the end of a wild gig of that there is no doubt, the Dublin lads do offer. Following that is Mannequins, which has an enticing opening and some beautiful lyrics that carry the song to its strong closing finale."

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