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The Incognito Brothers

Folk // Dun Laoghaire , Dublin

The Incognito Brothers is an Alt/Folk project that started in 2018, founded by Michael Lawlor and Damien Gagnevin. What initially began as a duo has since evolved into a six-member family, making space a valuable commodity in the van.

Exploring a spectrum of musical directions and genres, their sound is primarily characterized by elements of rock, blues, indie, and folk. The band distinguishes itself through varied guitar styles and vocal textures, creating a distinctive and original sonic signature.
In 2023, the Incognito Brothers released three singles: 'Porcelain World', 'Just the Way It Goes' and 'Ghost in the Water' followed by the 2024 release 'Your Losing Hand" offering a glimpse into their forthcoming debut album scheduled for release in 2024.

Key Members:

Michael Lawlor: Vocals, Guitar
Damien Gagnevin: Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Ales Bajgart: Bass, Backing Vocals
Eimear Lynch: Violin, Backing Vocals
Anxo Silveira: Drums/Percussion
Rosie Callaghan: Accordion, Piano, Backing Vocals