The Hippy Syndrome

Letterfrack, County Galway

The Hippy Syndrome is a 3 piece band who hail from north Connemara in Co. Galway. Driven by their collective creativity they began writing original music together at the start of 2012.

In a deliberate attempt to deny pigeonholing by others, the music produced is quite diverse from one end of a set list to the other. Their songs have influences coming from all directions, the most obvious ones being rock, grunge, blues, metal, acoustic, dance, and gypsy punk.

With the guts of their debut album written, The Hippy Syndrome will be road testing a number of these songs in August and September 2012, and heading into the studio in the autumn once any necessary tweaking has been done.

So.....Check out the gig listings, and come see The Hippy Syndrome in one of their gigs across Connemara and beyond this summer. Come say hi, and you may even get an invite to one of the private gigs in the legendary Rhododeron Dome. Shhhhhhhh..................

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